Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First Day of the New Year

Well, the first day of the new year is almost done.  How did I do on my resolutions?  No workout planned for today, totally nailed that.  The first Baby Step for FlyLady is to clean and shine your sink.  Sink is shiny.  First step in the Push program is listing what you want to be known for; dancer, fitness, kind heart, and costuming.  That would be done.  Dance practice was also done with my sword trio.

My only fail was a partial fail.  We got up late.  Even though I really didn't want to I made blueberry protein pancakes and scrambled eggs.  It would have been easier to just go get something.  I did make them though and they were great.  Then came time to start prepping dinner.  I did say we got up late right?  Just two major meals because of it.  Just one glance at the recipe and we both knew we did not have all the ingredients.  Long story short, dinner was a Mcdisaster! 

After breakfast tomorrow, there will be grocery shopping and food prepping.  We need more veggies anyways.

Today I did my best.  Tomorrow I will do better.

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