Saturday, April 2, 2011

Changing my fitness plan

Fitness plans need to be flexible to change. If a plan doesn't fit the person doing it, they will not keep it up. With that in mind I looked at my reasons for not working out as much this week as I planned. I realized that my plan was too hard for me to stick to.

I took the same principle that uses and used just basic exercise.

Timer: 6 sets with 10 seconds off and 50 seconds on
Reps: Maximum
1. Squats
2. Left Lunges
3. Right Lunges
4. Pushups
5. Situps
6. Swimmers

I am going to change the Swimmers to slow swimmers on the ball. The swimmers were too easy. I am looking for the perfect level of challenge.

Timer 12 sets with 5 seconds off and 25 seconds on
1. Speed Skaters
2. Jumping Jacks
3. Alternating side kicks
4. Alternating side jabs
5. Side Jumps
6. Alternating front kicks

When I get used to the moves for the strength I plan to replace them with plyometerics. For the cardio, I plan to increase the duration to increase the intensity.

Today I did both the strength and cardio. It took me 21 minutes including warmup and cool down.
squats 20
left lunges 13
right lunges 12
pushups 3
modified pushups 7
situps 8
swimmers 50