Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Videos, Choreography, and Perfecting the Art

I have been scouring the internet for new videos to drool over. I don't have the money right now to buy any, but I'm still looking. Today I asked myself why. I have a good number of videos and dvds that I have yet to fully learn from. Choreography that I have yet to learn all the way through. Most choreography that I did know, I don't remember now. I also remembered that Rachel Brice stated once that she first learned by doing the Suhaila Salimpour videos and then taping herself til she looked like Suhaila. That got me thinking.

I have the Suhaila Salimpour videos. They are on VHS they are so old. I have to say though that I never learned the choreography. Part of the reason is that she does the choreography facing you. So if you mirror what you see you are stepping left when she is stepping right. I decided today that I am smart enough to overcome that and that I will learn the choreography. I am gong to start with the beginner.

I plan to do this one section at a time. I can't tell you how many sections there are but she breaks down 4 combinations and then puts them together for the first section. Today I did the breakdown twice through to putting them together and then the together with music and no instruct three more times. It was about 25 minutes with my VCR rewinding between.

How I looked doing it I can't tell you. I am hoping to get the funds up to get a video camera before month's end so that I can see my progress. Once I am have learn this choreography I plan to start alternating between ones I learned but have forgotten and ones I have yet to learn. With taping and then watching myself I should be able to know when there is no energy in my hands or my face gets a weird expression. That way I don't just know the steps but I am polished as well.

Sunday, July 3, 2011