Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Refocus

       To say that I slacked off in 2012 would be incorrect.  I worked hard.  I worked out most days.  When I cooked I prepared healthy meals.  I gave my all to every troupe practice and performance.

     What I did not have in 2012 was focus.  That sharp image of what I needed to do every second of every day.  This year I am not only going to try to do what I need to in order form me to reach my goals, but I am planning them out.

     My workouts for January?  Already written, in ink, in my planner.  My meal plan is still a work in progress, but it is getting there.  I have a lot of information and recipes to go through to see what will work for me and my lifestyle.  Meanwhile, my house is stocked with healthy foods that I can throw together and know that I am eating well.

     The last part of my life that I am going to really focus and plan out this year is getting my house organized.  For this I will turn to FlyLady.net.  Using the baby steps, I know that my house will improve.  Besides  just having a cleaner house, it will also be less stress.  Since most of my workouts are at home, it will help me get fit as well.

     One hopeful byproduct of getting the house organized is getting my costumes organized.  My troupe does a lot of different types of gigs.  That means lots of different types of costumes.  With my house having a closet that would better serve as a narrow hallway and no other, organizing my clothes and my costumes has always been a challenge.

     I will be taking pictures to track the progress on all fronts.  Come along with me on my journey and maybe there will be some fun along the way.