Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Looking to 2014

2013 is almost over and now is the time to look forward to 2014.  This year I am going to try something new.  I am going to try to work as hard as possible on me and my life.  That might sound preposterous.  I mean really who doesn’t try their best at least some of the time?  The answer is me.
I actually have stopped using programs because I saw progress.  Progress scares the HELL out of me.  I know I need it.  I know I am worth it.  Progress is just scary!

This year I am going to face my biggest fear and see how much progress I can make in one year.   I am going to follow plans set down by other people, as to not burn out, and blog it all here.  Ready or not, here comes 2014!

Programs to start with:

Setting my goals and following through:
Chalene Johnson 30-day challenge http://www.30daypush.com/
I am going to be doing this program on repeat, every single month.  It takes at most about 15 minutes a day. (cost: Free)

Clean and organized house:
Flylady Baby Steps and Beyond http://www.flylady.net/d/getting-started/
This is an ongoing program that starts with very doable steps and builds on them gradually so that you, your house, and your family are organized and able to handle what life throws at them.  Yes, I previously used this program, saw results and stopped.  Not going to stop this time. (cost: Free)

Eat healthier:
Betty Rocker’s Body Fuel System http://fuel.thebettyrocker.com/
This is an eBook in PDF format that has four weeks of menus, recipes, grocery lists, and detailed prep.  It also includes chapters on why you should eat this way.  The recipes include; turkey meatballs, French toast, bacon, scrambled eggs, fish, shrimp, roasted vegetables, and much more.  Everything is laid out for you.  (cost: $47)

Workout Consistently:
For this program I am going to use mostly just the workouts.  My meals are already planned out above and not having to make up a grocery list is one less thing to do.  This is a 3 month plan after that I will switch to a different plan as to not get bored.  I will chose it base on where my fitness level is at the time.  It will more than likely also be from Bodybuilding.com.  (cost: free) *starting 1/6/2013

Practice dance daily for 30 minutes or more:
There are many ways I could have worded this goal.  Let’s face it.  I have a lot on my plate already with the programs above.  Stipulating that I make progress on a move or what exactly I do would be too much.  As I have loads of DVD’s and choreography that I can work with, I will let this be a bit more organic.  I might even be able to get some review of my DVD collection out!

Lastly, I will blog daily.  It might not be much.  It might be just one sentence or one word.  But there will be something daily.

There you have it.  My big scary 2014 New Year’s Resolution List.  Nothing on this list is not doable, but it is scary to me.  I may need my hand held.  I may need a kick in my pants.  I will do my best to make it all happen.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Today's Inspiration.

Sadie once again shares a great performance.  Her muscle control and musicality truly makes one want to get up and dance!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Today's inspiration

Forgive me for posting this one again but this one goes too well with today's postMarta Korzun is a beautiful dancer from Ukraine.  The way she seamlessly switches from the melody to the drum line amazes me.  Her costume in this one also shows of uneven fringe in different lengths and materials.

Fringe Movement


     Most belly dancers know that fringe helps accent a great move.  However what gets neglected is how different fringe affects the accent.  That is right, different fringe acts differently.  When you stop to think about it this is a rather elementary point.  Still, most dancers pick out fringe that will look good with the costume before thinking about the actions expected of the fringe.  The actions of the fringe are dictated by the length, materials, and placement of the fringe.  

     Length of fringe dictates the action because the kinetic energy has to move down the fringe.  The longer it has to go the more chance there is for resistance to the energy there by reducing the friction of the materials used.  This is why long fringe skirts look great with spins but eat up almost any shimmy.  Short fringe thinks all moves are big moves as it does not take as much to get them moving.  The more force behind dance moves the longer fringe can be and still serve its purpose.

    Different material move different ways.  Chainette will give very little resistance but also has little weight to throw around.  Chunky beads have a lot of weight to throw around but also have resistance.   Resistance can also be affected by how tightly strung fringe is.  Fringe should be easily articulated around a finger.   If it cannot do this, it will have too high a resistance to look good as fringe.  All other fringe materials can be adjusted to work for dance.

     Placement of fringe can also affect how it moves during dance.  Take a straight glass beaded fringe for instance.  If placed it at the bottom of the belt it will give a nice accent that most dancers like.  If placed in angular strips in the body of the belt, there is a much more noticeable accent because it is broken up and uneven.  By breaking up fringe or having fringe that is uneven, the movement of the fringe is much more noticeable even if there is not more energy going through it.  This is because there is contrast to the movement.

     When using all three of these factors, a costume can be made that will make even the smallest movements noticeable.  The belt I adore the most was one my first teacher had.  It was simple on all accounts.  Made of black velvet, it had been machine stitched with black thread in a diamond pattern.  Cording edged the fabric.  The fringe was Chainette that was sewn in tight groups of about 20 strands 3 inches apart, if memory serves.  The fringe came down to mid-thigh even though it was sewn in the middle of the belt.  That long thick fringe would move with every shimmy and hip drop.  A good spin might have left a welt on anyone too close.

     Now for using this information, how one dances and how one wants to be perceived as dancing must be taken into account.  Those with smaller movement ranges that want them to be seen as bigger need; short to medium length, medium resistance, and broken up placement.  Those with large movements that want them to be seen as smaller need; medium to long fringe, high resistance, and solid placement. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Refocus

       To say that I slacked off in 2012 would be incorrect.  I worked hard.  I worked out most days.  When I cooked I prepared healthy meals.  I gave my all to every troupe practice and performance.

     What I did not have in 2012 was focus.  That sharp image of what I needed to do every second of every day.  This year I am not only going to try to do what I need to in order form me to reach my goals, but I am planning them out.

     My workouts for January?  Already written, in ink, in my planner.  My meal plan is still a work in progress, but it is getting there.  I have a lot of information and recipes to go through to see what will work for me and my lifestyle.  Meanwhile, my house is stocked with healthy foods that I can throw together and know that I am eating well.

     The last part of my life that I am going to really focus and plan out this year is getting my house organized.  For this I will turn to FlyLady.net.  Using the baby steps, I know that my house will improve.  Besides  just having a cleaner house, it will also be less stress.  Since most of my workouts are at home, it will help me get fit as well.

     One hopeful byproduct of getting the house organized is getting my costumes organized.  My troupe does a lot of different types of gigs.  That means lots of different types of costumes.  With my house having a closet that would better serve as a narrow hallway and no other, organizing my clothes and my costumes has always been a challenge.

     I will be taking pictures to track the progress on all fronts.  Come along with me on my journey and maybe there will be some fun along the way.