Monday, March 14, 2011

What more energy would mean to me.

I've been asked to think about what more energy would mean to me. What would I do with it? How would it effect those around me?

I think the number one thing that more energy would do for me is actually DOING more. Not just watching YouTube videos or surfing the internet for ideas, but actually using those ideas. Actually making the costumes and coming up with the dances. Actually making the household items. Actually cooking the healthy meals at home.

Right now I am so stuck on not having the energy to workout, or cook, or clean that things just pile up. As they pile up, depression and despair settle in to stay. So I think the heaviest weight I have to remove to start my journey is just that, depression and despair. Without those I will be able to start to make the choices that will lead to a better life and a better dancer.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dance Magic 2010

One week ago was my studio's huge theater production. It was my troupe's first year in the show and my second year. I was only in one number so much of my time back stage was helping others through their quick costume changes. Some of the girls are in multiple troupes that have multiple numbers.
Today I am going to talk about backstage etiquette. Most new dancers don't know what to do and what not to do during a show. This can lead to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It can also lead to hurt feelings and losing friendships. Most is basic common sense, but when you are filled with pre-stage jitters common sense can go out the window.

Rule #1: Use as little of a space as possible. If you can leave it at home, do. If you can change at home, do. The less things everyone brings the less crowed the backstage will be. If you are in only one number or only have one costume, don't expect that there will always be space for you to change.

Rule #2: Ask the people who will be around you if they need your help during rehearsals. If they say no, just stay out of their way. During the show you can break their concentration by asking. This also lets them know that you support their dancing as well as your own. Also, don't be surprised if they say no during rehearsal and then ask your help during the show. Half the troupe seated next to us was in another troupe and it seemed all their zippers got stuck!

Rule #3: Keep track of the line up yourself. Depending on others to do so can backfire in many ways. While most productions have stage managers, they might be putting out a fire while you need to be getting to your spot. Other dancers in your number might be in the restroom or a different dressing room.

Rule #4: Be ultra polite. Nerves will be on edge and that makes everything more grating. Saying please and thank you will help.

Rule #5: Be quiet. Most backstage areas are not soundproofed so the performers can keep track of the show. This also means that the audience can hear loud noises from the dressing rooms.

Depending on the show there will be other rules. Some of the more common are; where to use sprays, where to smoke, watching the show during performances, etc. Most dance companies and/or stage managers will write these up and hand them out. If you are not given anything following the above rules should get you through just fine.

The picture is of my troupe at our show. We did an afro-industrial number inspired by Shakra. That was only my pod, I'm the one in front. There were three pods.

Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011 Workout

Today I did the Feb. 28th workout from Because I am not in good shape yet I did only 15 reps for each exercise (or 8 per side for alternating). For this rep count, the workout took me 10:35:09. My max heart rate was 186 so it is safe to say that it kicked my butt even at a lower rep count. Overall workout with warmup and cooldown was 27:56 and burned 256 calories.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Starting Point

Today I start a journey to become a better dancer. That may sound like a petty goal to some, but it is a motivation that will help me along the steps that I have to do to become better. I know that to become a better dancer I have to remove other obstacles in my way. So that you understand the journey, I will tell you about the beginning.

I am a bellydancer. I would rank my current level as beginner-intermediate. The things that are standing in my way of becoming better are; my weight, lack of practice space at home, and confidence.

My weight is an issue because I am 100lbs. over weight. As a result, I have less endurance than I would need to make it through a full set. Also, moves don't ever look sharp. I know that I don't want to ever become too skinny. That would lead to my shimmies being nonexistent. I want only useful junk in my trunk! lol

Lack of practice space at home will limit anyone wanting to make true progress with their dance. Daily studio time is not always available and practicing skills and routines daily is what makes them look flawless and effortless. My lack is just due to the clutter that is in my house.

My confidence is truly just plain not there. Now, that is not to say that I can't fake it. Faking it will only get you so far though. That internal self-doubt will show through to the trained eye. If the stress on the performer is really bad, it would not even take that.

So those are going to be my four main topics of writing about; dance, weight loss, cleaning, confidence. I will try to do two blogs a day. One with that days topic. One with that day's progress report.