Friday, January 3, 2014

Even Procrastinators Can Do This

I actually still need to do day 3 of the Push program yet before I can go to bed, but other than that I have gotten everything done.  Most of it was after dinner, but I got it done and that is what counts.

I also made progress on my troupe's costumes for our big show.  I need to type out directions for them before I forget all the adjustments, but big steps where made.

Dance practice tonight was Serpentine with Rachel Brice.  I forgot how hard and rewarding that DVD is.  There are a lot of places I am tight that I am not normally tight and some places that I am looser than I remember!  My backbends were much lower.  Go me!

Well, got to go if I am to get these notes typed out and do today's Push assignment.  How are you doing on your resolutions?  Any where in your progress that has surprised you?

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