Thursday, January 2, 2014

Second Step, Easier than the First

So day two of 2014 is coming to a close.  I can truly say that I did good today.  I met all my goals and even tried out a new dance DVD.  The Celebration Bellydance Workout with Sarah Skinner is the DVD I tried out.

I only did the actual workout so this is a bit more of a first impressions review.  First, if you are not comfortable with learning choreography on the fly, watch the video first.  Most of the moves are not repeated more than once per side.  Also, the cuing is minimal.  There are some points in which I do believe that there should have been more cuing (face down on the floor or back to the screen) or more information about what was coming next. 

Second, this does involve lots of level changes.  Those with bad knees really need to skip this.  Those who are trying to work on level changes will love this aspect.  It does build leg strength up rather nicely.  Sarah has you go all the way down to a low squat and back up right away.  There are also parts where floorwork is involved.

Third, it is rather bouncy.  If your teacher constantly reminds you not to get a head bounce going, your teacher would love you to not watch this video.  For the rest of us, this means cardio.  Traditional move are used to amp up the heart rate in a very bouncy saidi.

Overall, I did like this DVD.  It challenged me in turn with the pace of movements, shimmy combinations, and level changes.  The strength exercises were challenging enough that I truly felt them, but presented in such a way that I was rather distracted from how well they were working.  I think that the minimal cues will help me keep from getting bored with it later.  I will let you know how I feel about it down the line.

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