Sunday, January 5, 2014

Progress is progress

While I was not were I wanted to be on any of my goals, I did progress on all of them.  Bought my groceries for the week.  I lifted weights.  I went to dance practice.  I just am such a perfectionist that I still see it as a loss.

I didn't do all my pushups on my toes (or any on my toes for that matter).  I didn't do all the food prep for the week.  I didn't have the choreography down.  I didn't have this blog typed up an hour ago.

What would letting those negative thoughts cloud my mind and my actions but disappointment.  If I let those thoughts take hold, I will give up.  The whole goal of this year is to not give up.  The whole goal is to see how far I can get on these plans.  The only way I can fail is to give up.  Trying each day is the success.  The results are just gravy.

I hope you are not giving up on your goals!

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